Revolutionize APTOS

Aptos Shiba ( SHIA ) is one of the first projects about Memecoin, NFT and Gaming on the Aptos ecosystems.
Aptos Shiba is here to revolutionize APTOS with its unique utility-based financial engine that brings safety and smart decision-making to on-chain investors.

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The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments


+ Total Supply : SHIA
+ Distribution :
30% : Burned Token.
A pourcentage will be burn fortnightly.
5% : Airdrop. The airdrop will take place after the launch of the Aptos' mainnet.
5% : Marketing
To help the project grow.
20% : Liquidity.
5% : Team Token.
35% : For Gaming .

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Road map

The SHIBA token sale events are unique as they offer tiered bonuses which include increasing token price and lifetime discounts.


Create an Airdrop campaign.
Website Launch.
Sale NFT on Launchpad.
Launch $SHIA COIN.
Launchpad IDO $SHIA.
Listing on Dex.


First $SHIA Burned.
Airdrop distribution.
Audit Smart Contract.
Next airdrop campaign.


Stake NFT Launch.
Gaming app Launch.
Contacts listed on CEX.
Listing CEX.



    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon


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